Snakehead farming- earning billions of VND per year

Mr. Nguyen Van More (born in 1967, living in Phuoc Hoi hamlet, Phuoc Ninh commune, Duong Minh Chau district, Tay Ninh province) is one of the typical farmer model aquaculture farms, led by Duong Minh Chau district honors.
Mr. Them said that he is a Vietnamese but was born in Cambodia, then returned to his home country in Dong Thap in 1970. In 2000, he collected all the capital of about 150 million to go to Tay Ninh and settled in. Phuoc Hoi hamlet, Phuoc Ninh commune.
Here, he learned about the conditions of the soil and climate, and relized that they were suitable for the development of freshwater aquaculture. So, he started farming channa micropeltes,snakehead murrel- ophiocephalus striatus, tortoise.
Thanks to hard working, technical training via internet and social media and realistic experience Mr. Them has become one of the successful aquaculture farmers in Duong Minh Chau district.
Currently, only real estate (houses, land, fish farms) of Mr Them has valued more than 2 billion. With an area of 1 hectare of land, including 5,000 square meters of water surface, Mr Thuong harvested 150 tons of freshwater fish annually, with a turnover of 6 billion dong.
One of the secrets to raising fish is more profitable than many other households because he applied the motto “buy the root, sell to the top.” He bought a truck, contacted the supply of fish in the ports of Vung Tau, Central and West and bought at wholesale prices for freshwater fish.
At the same time, Mr. Them is also a supplier of sea fish as a feed for channa micropeltes,snakehead murrel- ophiocephalus striatus of many local households. As a result, he reduced a significant expenses of fish feed.
Thanks to the high efficiency of fish farming, Mr Add regularly donates VND 50 million to local people to care for poor families, poor children and studious children.